BIOESANS products have a high degree of innovation, derived from the scientist team dedication and professionals who are oriented to work with projects development and execution, studies and research, focusing on several biotechnology areas, using Brazilian biodiversity and increasing the Bioeconomy.

    In addition to partnerships with the research institutes (ITCBio and Biotec Amazônia), BIOESANS also has the association of universities laboratories, which have the capacity to carry out the following activities, as follow: 



    •Industrial Processes Laboratory (LAPAM)


    The Environmental Processes Laboratory belongs to the Chemical Engineering Department of UFSM. 

    LAPAM develops activities for BIOESANS by obtaining products with high added value from various raw materials, through processes such as: 

    Molecular Distillation


    Esterification and Crystallization


    UFSM Researchers and Coordinators Team – Pilot Molecular Distillation Plant


    • Food Science Laboratory

    The Food Science Laboratory belongs to the Department of Technology and Food Science in UFSM. The Food Science Laboratory works with bioactive compounds analysis for several food matrices and byproducts derivatives of food processing.

    The extractions performed at LAPAM will be analyzed at the Food Science Laboratory, below follow some analyzes:


    •Determination of phenolic compounds, fatty acids, tocopherols and phytosterols

    •Raw materials chemical characterization





    At UFPE we have the Chemical Biophysics Laboratory (LBQ) which is located in the center of Biosciences (CB) in the Department of Biophysics and Radiology.


    • Chemical Biophysics Laboratory (LBQ)

    Its main activities for Bioesans are:


    – Product development using natural and synthetic bioactive products

    – Analysis of organic compounds

    – Analysis of new Biomaterials

    – Analysis of new Biomaterials

    – Diagnostics with optical tools

    – Obtaining and biotechnological application of new materials

    – Organic production of medicinal plants




    BIOESANS has three UFPA laboratories that are located within the Guamá Science and Technology Park (PCT – Guamá).

    • Biological Engineering Laboratory


    This laboratory is specialized in performing services that require Genetic Engineering techniques, production of recombinant proteins and other basic inputs related to biotechnological sector.

    In this laboratory some activities are performed such as: Diagnosis, nucleic acid sequencing, bioinformatics, production of recombinant molecules, maintenance and production of cells.

    At this moment, the laboratory is developing for BIOESANS a series of amino acids that will be obtained from a genetic study of a specific bacterium.


    • Amazonian Essentials Oils Laboratory

    This laboratory performs activities such as:


    • Chemical and Physical analysis of vegetable oils and derivatives, such as: iodine, peroxide, acidity and saponification content.

    • Characterization analysis: fatty acid profile, ester content and substance quantification.


    • Standards for different types of oils.

    • Catalytic tests and chemical processes for oils and derivatives. 

    • Stability of fatty matrices.


    • Development of new products with Amazonian resources.


    •  Supercritical Fluid Extraction Laboratory


    Supercritical Extractor Pilot

    The activities of this laboratory are focused on processes developing for obtaining extracts and bioactive fractions of aromatic, condiment and medicinal plants of Amazon Biome, with supercritical extraction technology application to obtain, for example, anthocyanin and flavonoids.


    Currently, the Technological Park of Guamá has a Supercritical Extractor (Pilot Size) that will be used for Research and Development (R&D).  


    • System for proteins complex separation ETTAN ™ DIGE 
    • Genomic Sequencing Systems - ION TORRENT ™ PGM and ION PROTON ™ 
    • Automation equipment associated with ION TORRENT ™ and ION PROTON ™ - Genomic Sequencing Systems